School zone

We are happy our students are back!

Due to the 7:45 opening time, our morning traffic is congested.

Some tips to remember to assist us with this are:

*Stay in the flow of traffic

*Remain in your car

*Refrain from using your cell phone when the car is in motion

*Always give the school buses room to pull out or around your car

*Always use the crosswalks


In the afternoons, the bell rings at 3:00. We will begin calling for pickups at that time.

Some tips to remember in the afternoon are:

*Pay attention to the car in front of you

*Refrain from using your cell phone when the car is in motion

*Plan to have your child loaded on the passenger side of the car

*Do not exit your vehicle


We ask that you continue to be patient with us.

The traffic will get smoother. 


LEAPs will begin August 23rd for the morning and afternoon.

If you register your child for LEAPs, you are allowed to drop them off as early as 7:00am.

You must walk them to the Kid's Corral doors and sign them in.

LEAPs afternoon hours are 3:15-5:15pm.

Ask your child's teacher for a LEAPs registration form.

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