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Dr. Long

Dr. Long Shares a Fun Spring Craft!

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spring craft



Online Music Resources for Elementary Students

Please check out the following online Music Resource for grades K-2, provided by Mrs. Franklin. If you are currently logged in to a google account on your browser, we recommend logging out of that account prior to using this resource, otherwise you might encounter an error accessing this site.



Good afternoon Roan Creek Parents, Student, Faculty and Staff!

This begins our 4th week of school closure. We miss you terribly and are anxious to see all of you again very soon.

I am thankful that many of you are taking advantage of the breakfast and lunches that are being delivered to your homes.  I am also thankful to your teachers for reaching out to you in various ways to connect with you and assist your parents with work for you.

I plan to be at the school Monday- Friday next week during the hours of 8am-3pm. If there is anything you need, please call the school. If no one answers, leave a message and a phone number and I will do my best to get back in touch with you. You can email me at

We have not heard anything about Spring pictures yet, nor how refunds will work with Girls on the Go. Those of you who paid for Girls on the Go and are returning to RCE in the Fall, your money will be advanced for payment for the Fall semester. I will keep you notified of refunds for 6th grade girls.

Continue to check out the district and school's website and FaceBook pages for up to date information and resources.

Never forget that we love you!!    

Dr. Long


Check Out the Above Site on FACEBOOK.  New things to read and do are posted DAILY!

I am so excited to share this new story I found. Dolly Parton is reading this cute little story about a little train. We love Dolly Parton and appreciate all she has done to help put books in the hands of every little child. You will enjoy listening to her read! I have also found a movie clip on how to draw a train that I know you will like. 
So have fun! Remember, save your drawings. I can't wait to see your illustrations when we are back together again! 
I love and miss you all!
Mrs. Henson

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An Encouraging Message

From Mrs. Hieronymus

For Her Awesome Students!

HieronymusletterCLICK HERE

Special Letter from Mrs. Morefield

to all of her sweet students!


School Board to meet on Thursday, April 9th 2020

The Johnson County Board of Education will meet for their regular monthly school board meeting on April 9th, 2020. Please find the agenda for this months meeting below.


School Board Agenda, April 9th 2020

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New Information for Employees and Teachers Available

New extended closure information for school employees and curriculum and instruction information for teachers has been posted to our website. Please reference the COVID-19 response page to check out more info.


Read It


I am missing all of my readers!!! I thought it would be fun to start looking at some authors, illustrators, and their books together online. These activities will be FUN! I found this great author and illustrator today that I am going to share with you. His name is Rob Biddulph. Today I am attaching one of his books for you to read, and then a Rob Biddulph movie clip of him teaching us how to draw his character from his book.  Click more at the bottom for more videos from Rob Biddulph.

It sounds like fun! Save your drawings for me to see when we all can be back together again! 

Mrs. Henson smiley

Click on the videos and enjoy!




Click the above image for 25 Makerspace Projects for

students and their families to create at home.  smiley

Johnson County Schools Book Bus Routes Published

The Johnson County Schools Book Bus will be making it's way around the county to serve our students! Please see the schedule below and go by!

Thursday, March 26th

Trade Community Center- 9:00-9:45
Forge Creek Community Center- 10:00-10:30
Rainbow Mennonite Church- 10:45-11:15
Roan Creek Elementary School- 11:45-12:15
Village Apartments- 12:30-1:00

Friday, March 27th Faith Gospel Church (across from Dollar General)- 9:00-9:30
State Line Baptist Church (Laurel)- 9:45-10:15
Shady Valley Elementary- 10:45-11:15
Butler Trading Post- 11:45-12:15
Corner Pocket- 12:30-1:00

missing you

RCE Misses Our Students!

Today our bus drivers and lunch ladies delivered meals to our students. Several of our Roan Creek teachers and staff tagged along today to hand out school supplies to students. RCE teachers and staff are missing our students, but we were so happy to see so many smiling faces today!



power up

Principal Message

Our school has been very quiet during the last few days.

We miss all of our students. The custodians have been working so hard to clean every nook and cranny.

Mrs. Jessie and I want to make sure we connect with you and not let you forget how much we love you!

We will be posting a special message to you all on our Facebook page and school website tomorrow.

Please check it out!!  The 4-H demonstration winners have been posted on our website also! Check it out!

Don't forget to get your parents to go by Mountain City Elementary between 10:30-12:30 to get your free lunch.

Hope you all are healthy and reading 20 minutes everyday!

Dr. Cheri Long


School Nutrition Office posts their food sites and schedules

Our number one priority is to feed the students of Johnson County. Even in a crisis, we are still striving to feed every child we possibly can. I'm asking parents to please help support this program so we can operate as long as we are allowed to.

UPDATED: After giving much thought and considerations, we have decided to alter our original meal delivery program. Beginning Monday, March 23rd we will continue to have the one drive-up pick-up location at Mountain City Elementary. However, we will begin to have our bus drivers deliver meals to houses located on their normal routes. This will allow meals to be delivered to children throughout the county that would otherwise not be able to receive a meal.

Buses will begin their routes at 10:30 a.m. each day Monday through Friday. Students will receive two meals, one for breakfast and one for lunch. If your Child currently does not ride a bus or is not enrolled in school yet, but need a meal delivered please call central office at 727-2640.

Once again beginning Monday we will be delivering meals to our students using our buses and bus routes. This is open to any child 18 years and under. For more information or to request a delivery please call us at 727-2640.

Parents and students here are some great educational websites our school system has found for our community to use.smiley 

We are suggesting students get into a routine at home of practicing math, language arts, and science every day for at least 45 minutes for each subject. The video below includes some great websites to help you get started. 

Plus, remember to read every day.smiley


Thank You McDonalds!!!


4-H Results are in and we are so proud of each student!

Congratulations Students!!!



Our 4-H Johnson County Extension Staff could not attend Monday to see our 4th Grade Students present their demonstrations.  The students decided to video their presentations and put them on the school webpage so the Johnson County Extension Staff could judge them.

When I hear from the judges,  I will post the results on our school webpage.  

All of these students did an excellent job!

Good Luck, Students!

Mrs. Henson laugh

Ms. Johnson's Class


Ms. Dugger/Buchanan and Mr. Timb's Clssees



Kindergarten Registration for 2020-21

The following information concerning the upcoming 2020-21 Kindergarten registration has been published and is available for parents.

Online Resources Available to Students

We've created a page full of online activities and study materials for all Johnson County Students to check out and enjoy during the upcoming schools closure period. Please check it out and feel free to use these resources daily!

Johnson County Schools Online Resources Page

INFO for parents

March 16, 2020 


Beginning tomorrow, March 17th-April 14th, students will not be at school. There will not be Kid’s Corral after this afternoon. 

Students and families are not allowed on the playground during this time. 

We are encouraging all students to read daily for 20 minutes and to work on math facts. The district website will be providing several free online resources that your child can access if they have internet at home. We highly encourage students to develop a daily routine. An example of this might be to work on math for 30 minutes and reading for 30 minutes in addition to reading a book for 20 minutes. 

No student academic grades will be given during this time. 

Meals for students will be provided daily at Mountain City Elementary from 10:30-12:30. Your child must be in the car with you. The meals will be handed to your child through the car pick up line. No one is to exit their vehicle. 

Please look at the district and school website daily for more information and more resources that your child can access during their time at home. 

Our priority is that our students stay safe, fed, and healthy. 

You can always reach out via email to your child’s teacher with questions about academics and you can always email me. 

Our emails are found on our school website. 

Thank you so much for all that you do for your children! We will surely miss them in these weeks to come! 

Dr. Long

COVID-19 Information

Johnson County Schools Health and Safety Update COVID-19 Updates

Johnson County Schools - Health and Safety Update - March 6, 2020

Johnson County Schools is monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for information and guidelines regarding the status of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We understand that school staff, parents and the community are concerned about everyone's health and safety. Administrators in Johnson County will keep a close eye on guidance from state, local and national experts on the issue. Our custodial staff continue to disinfect the classrooms and buildings with disinfectants that are shown to protect against the coronavirus COVID-19. Since this is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation, the CDC and other health authorities from around the globe are closely monitoring the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and are implementing measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is our goal to keep students, employees and the community healthy and safe. We will continue to work with local, state and federal health agencies to make necessary revisions to our Response Plan as new information becomes available. At this time, the CDC recommends guidelines and precautions similar to the flu; wash hands regularly with warm water and soap, and cover coughs and sneezes. For information and resources on the coronavirus COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website:


We will have LEAPs Monday through Friday this week for grades K-6.

Parents, please do the LEAPs survey that is on our Facebook page and our website. Use the Roan Creek code when doing the survey..... It is very important that every parent does this survey in order for us to keep this grant for next school year.


Graduation Day Set for 2020 School Year

The Johnson County School Board officially set the graduation date for the Class of 2020 at last night's school board meeting. Our graduation ceremony this year will be held on May 16th, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at the Ray Shoun Memorial Gymnasium, Johnson County High School. Details are still being worked out at this time, but if you would like more information concerning tickets or attendance guidelines, please contact the high school at 423-727-2620.


Updates to the Johnson County Schools Call Out System School Messenger Image

Johnson County Schools have been using software for several years to communicate with its parents, staff and students about local events, school schedule changes and general school related information. There have been some major updates to the software over the past couple of months that have not allowed our e-mail communication to go out alongside our voice messages. This has created some confusion and has limited effective communication between the schools and parents. With assistance and guidance from our software team at School Messenger, we have a solution in place that will allow everyone to continue receiving calls via voice and e-mail.


Roan Creek Elementary is excited to announce that our TVAAS growth school-wide composite score is a 5 this year!  We are so proud of our students, staff, and faculty for the hard work they have done to reach this school-wide goal.

Dr. Long


TVAAS 5 Status

Sports Schedules Published Longhorns

Johnson County Schools is please to announce the upcoming 2019-20 school sports schedules. Please find below the links to your favorite upcoming sporting events for the new school year!

JCHS Football
JCMS Football
JCHS Volleyball
JCMS Volleyball

Tardy Policy

Our tardy policy states that once your child has 5 tardies, they must attend after school detention to make up for instructional time lost.

RCE Handbook Cover

CLICK Link to Read   point  Handbook 2019-2020


New State Required Attendance Law In Effect

This newly passed law provides revisions and updates regrading school attendance, truancy, and discipline.

Family Access Parent Portal

Parent involvement is crucial to academic success no matter how old your child is. The Skyward Family Access Parent Portal is a tool for parents to stay informed and engaged in their child's education. The Parent Portal gives parents and guardians access to their child's attendance, grades, and missing assignments. Weekly progress reports are available as well.

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